A Frenchie Playlist Everyone Should Have ~

Imagine yourself at the beach, basking in the afternoon sun, sipping that favorite cocktail of yours, and just breathing it all in. Nothing but time to waste. Where does your imagination take you?  ✈︎

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Padmasana *Lotus pose

Padma (पद्म) = lotus; Asana (आसन) = pose; Padmasana (पद्मासन) = lotus pose

Breathing slowly and deeply in the pose, the lotus position will give balance to your mind and body. In traditional texts, it is quoted that “Padmasana destroys all disease and awakens kundalini.”

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5 Easy Steps to Building the Habit of Meditation

Find your “inner knowing” through meditation. Meditation helps to create a deeper understanding of oneself. Be free and try meditation.

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