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A Frenchie Playlist Everyone Should Have ~

Imagine yourself at the beach, basking in the afternoon sun, sipping that favorite cocktail of yours, and just breathing it all in. Nothing but time to waste. Where does your imagination take you?  ✈︎

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1:27 raindrops Playlist

Something soulful for your ears this rainy season – it’s when the rain gives you the energy to free your mind & body. Listen to this playlist and feel the rhythm of the music within your body. Sway ~

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Look Deeply

take a moment to look at you –
pulse rapid but slowing, rib cage expanding
and contracting, palms and temples sweating,
feet planted, eyes open, heart a little bit broken.

look. look deeply.
look at all the parts of you
that have changed along the way
and look at the parts that grew
as they remained.

no on could have brought you here but you.